Mittwoch, 6. August 2014


ROMPONE artspace präsentiert:

Ce qui je suis maintenant

Ein Zimmer für Alfred Flechtheim

A Room for Alfred Flechtheim

Martin Claßen / Oliver Czarnetta / Lenz Geerk / 
Jörg Herold / Bernd Hoffmann

Leiko Ikemura / Andrea Lehmann / Rosa Loy / 
Paolo Maggis / Jonathan Meese

Thomas Palme / Heike Ruschmeyer / 
Katharina Schilling / Tina Schwarz

Jonny Star/Carsten Tabel / Feridun Zaimoglu 

Freitag, 05. September 2014, 18 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung: 06. September – 01. November 2014

Gesonderte Öffnungszeiten während der DC Open:
Sa 06. September 12 – 20 Uhr 
 So 07. September 12 – 18 Uhr

Ab Januar 2015 ist die Ausstellung in erweiterter Form im Osthaus Museum Hagen zu sehen/ 
From January 2015 on, an extended form of the exhibition will be seen at Osthaus Museum Hagen

ROMPONE artspace
Claudia Cosmo
Moltkestraße 81, 50674 Köln
Sat 14 – 18 h (Sommerpause bis 5. September)
and by appointment

Montag, 4. August 2014

It's about time


Ricarda Huch

*18 July 1864 +17 November 1947

She braved the paradox enthusiasm for the First World War and she opposed the Nazi regime resigning her membership at Prussian Academy of the Arts in protest at their expulsion of various writers, 1933.

I think now is the appropriate time to remember people like her...
as well as the events or 'occurrences' they stood up against. 

If smears like: 'Jews your end is near' are sprayed,

If Jewish sites, businesses and synagogues are attacked it might be long-overdue even.

I do not agree with a lot of things that Israel does to Palestine 
(that doesn't make me Anti-Israel)

I also definitely show no expression of sympathy whatsoever for Hamas.

It's sad enough that this conflict demands so many innocent victims and suffering on both sides.

But it makes it even worse if it additionally gives false justification for the anti-Semitic events that occur in European countries these days. 

I thought the results of the European Election had been enough of a warning signal, and I know that's another matter altogether, but in a way it's not. 
It just adds to it.

I fear I might have been wrong