Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

I'm back and into the new year I go!

I apologize already for 

not posting every day 

from now on. 

The reason for that?...There we go!

First in Cologne whilst the ART COLOGNE
Together with Uwe Schinn -
We will 'play' the Kunstwerk Köln making a room-filling installation.
Almost at the same time I will install a solo-show in Berlin opening at Gallery Weekend Berlin.
In September next Solo at TEAPOT Cologne
More information soon!
Year is booked out and it will be a good one!
So I will paint and draw and build instead of sitting in front of my old pc...

2 sketches and a work in progress....

stabilo  pen, sketch on paper 2013

stabilo pen, sketch on paper 2013

work in progress...2013 oil on linnen


 ...somewhat different sketches...forming independent works as well